Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide

Ever since the release of Apple Music and iCloud Music Library, the iMore team has been the go-to place for tips and tricks. It’s been headed up by Serenity Caldwell, and she’s been really helpful on Twitter when I’ve asked her questions. They’ve published countless articles on troubleshooting, complicated setups, and tips and tricks. I mentioned to Serenity that I’d be happy to pay for a compilation of all of their Apple Music material. The folks at iMore were already one step ahead of me, though.

Coming on August 20th, iMore is releasing Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide. It’s going to be a 120-page guide to understanding everything about Apple Music, iTunes 12.2, and for iOS. While I consider myself savvy with Apple products, I’ve learned a ton from iMore about Apple Music.

You can pre-order it on the iBookstore for $4.99.