Animal-Gifts Stick-On Cord Organizers for Kitchen Appliances

Using a variety of kitchen appliances and trying to keep your countertop free of clutter — it’s a never-ending struggle. You’re always having to swap them in and out of cabinets somewhere, and that means constantly dealing with loose power cords flopping around.

While this product I’m about to mention can’t help you with the counter space issue per se, it will definitely be a boon in the organization department. I’m talking about these stick-on cord organizers, which are a crazy smart idea. You’re essentially adding a cord winder onto any appliance that lacks one already, and it makes alllll the difference when stashing them away or retrieving them again.

Tip #1: After adhering the organizer to your appliance, give it like half a day to cure before you actually try to use it.

Tip #2: If you’re sticking one onto a curved appliance, try to position it vertically rather than curving it around the surface. It’ll stay on better that way.

Once it’s ready, you just wind the power cord around it and clip the plug end into the center slot to keep it in place. Boom.

They have a few different organizer packs to choose from, but I’d say most people should start with the 2 black + 2 white + 2 gray pack ($12) to match most appliances they might have lying around.