Bike Pannier (Messenger Bag) by Anhaica Bag Works

Photo credit: Álvaro Serrano. Be sure to also read the story behind the photo.

* * *

This waxed-canvas pannier by Anhaica Bag Works is a beautiful, versatile messenger bag for cyclists. It clips securely onto the bike’s frame via MEC pannier clips, which are covered by a velcroed flap while the bag is unclipped and being used as a shoulder bag.

A layer of shatter proof ABS plastic stiffens the back of the bag and keeps it out of the bike’s spokes. The top of the pannier is a simple flap enclosure, so it’s not an ideal bag for inclement weather but works nicely the rest of the time.

Each bag is made to order in Tallahassee, Florida, and hand-waxed with locally sourced beeswax. Get it at Anhaica Bag Works for $170.