AmpliFi Home Wi-Fi Mesh System

If you’re sick of how much the Wi-Fi sucks in certain parts of your home, the AmpliFi HD is a consumer-level mesh network system — á la the Eero and Google Wi-Fi — that could make all those frustrations melt away.

In the box you get a neat-looking little router box with a color LCD touchscreen on the front plus two self-configuring antennas that honestly look a bit like old Wiimotes. After going through a super-simple installation/setup process using the free Amplifi companion app and plugging the two mesh points into wall outlets (ideally in places where your Wi-Fi is spottiest), everything connects nigh-automatically and you’ll more than likely immediately notice a huge improvement in connectivity where it was terrible before.

They offer a couple main versions of the system: AmpliFi HD (High Density) ($313) and AmpliFi LR (Long Range) ($299). The difference is that the HD has six radios and a max speed of 5.25 Gbps, while the LR has only four radios with a max speed of 2.35 Gbps. Since the HD doesn’t cost that much more than the LR, I say just get that one. If you need additional mesh points for any reason, they’re $109 a pop.