American Giant Full-Zip Hoodie

As anyone who knows me in real life can tell you, I love hoodies. When Autumn and Winter roll around, you will rarely find me not wearing one. The word on the street is that American Giant’s full-zip hoodies are the best in the world—or at least in America.

I have yet to see for myself if these claims are true, but after doing a lot of reading, I’ve yet to come across a review that isn’t glowing. Everyone touts its durability, well-fitted comfort, and thoughtful design details—for example, the stretchy side panels and reinforced elbow fabric.

Of particular note to me is that American Giant hired a former industrial designer from Apple, Philipe Manoux, to be their creative director. He poured his attention into every detail of the hoodie’s design, from construction to drawstring color. That’s the kind of design I can get behind.

The hoodie is $89 at American Giant and comes in a variety of colors. (Pictured above are Navy and Phantom Grey.)