AmazonBasics USB-to-Lightning Cable

In my opinion, one can never have too many Lightning cables on-hand. The only problem is, Apple’s official cables are a tad on the expensive side for what you get ($20 for only ~3ft of cable).

Thankfully, Amazon offers their own Lightning cables and they’re pretty great. Not only are they well-built, they’re also a good deal — $15 for a 6ft-long cable. That’s double the length of Apple’s cables for less money.

The only issue with Amazon’s cables is that the Lightning end is a bit thicker than the ones used by Apple. If your iPad and/or iPhone are case-free, or your case has a large enough opening at the bottom, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Certain cases with small connector openings won’t allow the cable through, though.

If you don’t foresee any issues with your setup, then you can get one of Amazon’s Lightning cables in black or white.