Amazon Dash

Another Amazon gadget? This is getting weird.

Amazon Dash is a supplementary device for members of the AmazonFresh delivery service (currently only available in certain zip codes of San Francisco, Southern California, and Seattle). It’s a neat way to shop for groceries and other household items without leaving home.

Out of milk? Scan the empty carton’s barcode. Plan on making cookies soon? Just say “chocolate chips” into Dash’s built-in mic. Whichever way you go, Dash uses your home WiFi to add grocery items to your AmazonFresh shopping list. Checkout on your computer or mobile device, and Amazon delivers your list to you that day (or the next, depending on the time of day you order).

I’ve tried using barcode scanner apps on my iPhone and they get the job done, but having a standalone device like Dash would really take the friction out of the process. I can’t wait for this to hit more U.S. cities.