AMAES 26800mAh Solar Qi Power Bank

When you’re wandering way off the beaten path, few things offer as much peace of mind as knowing your tech will have enough juice to last until you get back to civilization. AMAES’ solar power bank lets your devices tap the power of {dramatic voice} THE SUUUN.

With a 26800mAh battery capacity, this little fella can fully charge your iPhone half a dozen times (and then some) or an iPad twice. And because it’s Qi-enabled, you can charge those things wirelessly, assuming they’re a new enough model. If you end up in a dark situation on the trail, the battery pack has a bright 18-LED light built in, with four modes to cycle between: flashlight, dim light, SOS mode, and strobe.

It admittedly does take a while for the solar side of things to charge up to that capacity, so what you can do is charge it up with a separate 5V/2A adapter (Type-C or micro-USB) before you leave the house and use the solar side as backup. Either way, it’s a handy thing to have in your kit.

Get the battery pack for $40 on Amazon.