‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Official Game Soundtrack

Other than having gorgeous visuals, one of the best parts about playing Alto’s Odyssey is its serene sountrack, which uses randomized sections and dynamic elements to make the music slightly different each time you play. I’ve been waiting a couple months for Snowman and co. to release the soundtrack, and now they finally have.

Composed by Todd Baker and Torin Borrowdale โ€” the same guys who did the Monument Valley 2 soundtrack together โ€” there are just three tracks on this album, but they’re all great for writing, chilling, etc:

  1. “An Endless Desert” โ€” The main gameplay music in full.
  2. “A Moment of Tranquility” โ€” The “Zen Mode” track.
  3. “Window to a World” โ€” A bonus soothing ambient soundscape composed especially for relaxation.

You can find the soundtrack in the usual places: