‘Alto’s Odyssey’ for iOS is Out Now

Alto’s Odyssey strikes an ideal balance of maintaining the formula of its predecessor while evolving and daring to leap towards unexpected, beautiful heights.

Federico Viticci, MacStories

As we recently reported would happen, Alto’s Odyssey — the sequel to the critically acclaimed mobile title, Alto’s Adventure — is now available. Rather than being an endless snowboarding adventure like the first game, Alto’s Odyssey is an endless sandboarding journey.

All the design hallmarks of Adventure are still there: fluid physics, dynamic lighting, weather effects, procedurally generated terrain, etc. However, the backdrops will have you exploring new types of places, such as canyons, deserts, beaches, temple cities, and even hot air balloons. There are also new elements to master like sandstorms, wind vortexes, and rushing water. The game’s serene new soundtrack is a joy to listen to and adds a lot of ambiance as you play.

Watch the launch trailer to get a sense of what it’s like:

Alto’s Odyssey is just $5 on the iOS App Store.