Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is a new game for the iPhone and iPad. It’s an endless snowboarding game with incredible lighting, sound, and an ever changing backdrop. To be frank, it’s stunning. After finding out about it on Twitter, I immediately purchased it. I wasn’t prepared for how much fun I’d have. It’s incredibly easy to learn, but it will provide endless hours of fun. It’s the perfect “in the waiting room at the dentist” type game.

Each level has various goals to complete. Even if you fail to complete all of them on a single run, you don’t have to repeat them again. As the lighting changes, the difficulty changes as well. It’s drastically easier to see the rocks during the day scenes, but the night scenes are so incredible that the decreased visibility is worth it. With iCloud support, no ads or in-app purchases, Alto’s Adventure shouldn’t be missed!

Get it on the App Store for $1.99.