Alessi “Apostrophe” Orange Peeler

Alessi never fails when it comes to taking everyday products to the next level, and their Apostrophe orange peeler (model#: GCH02) is no different.

Designed by Gabriele Chiave, the Apostrophe offers all the citrus peeling functionality of those basic plastic tools but in a far more intriguing and ergonomic form factor. And thanks to its durable stainless steel construction, it won’t dull over time.

The sharp blade cuts smoothly and easily into any type of citrus peel, so you never have to crush the inner fruit and spray juice everywhere trying to shove your thumbnail/fingertip underneath. You can also use the tool to carve cute designs or little messages into the sides of the fruit, if you’re into that.


The heavy bottom of the Apostrophe makes it so you can set it upright on the counter, turning it into a kind of decorative sculpture between uses.

Get this well-designed orange peeler for $40 on Amazon.