Aladdin Reusable Water Bottle with “Two-Way” Lid

“Two-way”, a word which here means having the option to remove either the drinking spout’s lid or the bottle dome entirely, as one’s heart dictates.

Lemony Snicket, probably

Are you one of those chumps who buys disposable water bottles everywhere you go? You need to knock off that wasteful habit right now and get yourself one of these reusable bottles instead. They’re great because they have the small drinking spout up top, but you can also twist off the entire dome piece to reveal a wide mouth for putting in ice and whatnot.

The plastic it’s made from is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and in my experience, pretty durable. Just don’t drop it a bunch and you’ll be fine.

The 18 oz. version is a pretty good size for most people and there are a few colors to choose from:

They also have a bigger 32 oz. bottle (I call it the “Tall Boi”) if you’re so inclined. That one even comes with a drop-in diffuser basket so you can make fruit-flavored water if you want, but personally I threw it in a drawer and haven’t really used it since. I’m a standard water guy, what can I say?