AKTIVX SPORTS No-Tie Athletic Shoelaces

Tying laces is one of those things I kinda hate doing every time I put my “normal” (i.e. not these) shoes on. I just want to get out the door and not have to think about it. These AKTIVX SPORTS no-tie laces are a great solution.

It only takes a few minutes to swap out your regular shoelaces and install these elastic ones. This is best done with the shoes on your feet for best fit, and may require some trimming of the ends to better suit your specific shoes. (The old “measure twice, cut once” adage applies here.) From there, slipping your shoes on and off becomes super easy and comfortable thanks to the laces’ elasticity, and you’ll never have to tie them again.

The laces come in a wide variety of colors for $6–$8 a pop on Amazon.