AIDEA Acacia Wood Lazy Susan Organizers

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen. Whether it’s your countertop, your pantry, or a specific cabinet that needs decluttering, one item you may find useful is a lazy susan organizer.

This isn’t one of those large lazy susans like you may have seen in certain restaurants or the homes of large families. It’s a miniature version that can fit in most spots and lets you store some of your most-used spices, condiments, oils, or whatever else, while keeping all of it easily accessible. Need something in the back? Just spin it around — no need to remove the front stuff first.

It’s kind of crazy what a difference such a small addition to your kitchen can make. You might even find yourself placing a few of them in different locations to really take your cooking organization up several notches.

The company sells two kinds of these lazy susan organizers:

  1. A 10″ two-tiered model for $28.
  2. A 13″ single-tier model for $27.