The AeroPress Coffee Maker is Now Available in Clear (Again)

We’ve written so many words about the AeroPress coffee maker over the years. We’ve discussed our favorite brewing recipes, the best attachments and accessories, nifty organizer stands, alternate forms of the brewer itself, and more.

So, I won’t repeat what you probably already know about the thing. All I’ll say is that if you’ve never liked the dull gray or brown color of the more recent AeroPress models, you’ll be glad to know there’s finally a crystal clear version available once again! And this time, it’s made of BPA-free shatterproof Tritan plastic.

Look Ma, you can see what the coffee's doing in there!

Look Ma, you can see what the coffee’s doing in there!

Now before you go buy this thing, you might want to know that despite costing more than previous models, the clear AeroPress no longer includes the funnel accessory, and it comes with fewer paper filters than before (100 instead of 350).

Actually, if there’s anyone whose first impressions are worth listening to about this, it’s James Hoffmann:

If those factors aren’t major concerns for you, then you can get the AeroPress Clear for $50 on Amazon.