AcuRite “Iris” 5-in-1 Home Weather Station

We all have a favorite weather app we like to check to figure out what’s going on with conditions, but how often have you tried relying on that info only to find out that the rainfall report isn’t going to go according to schedule, or the temperature around your home feels way different than what the weather readout says it should?

Installing a weather station of your own at home gets around all of that. No longer do you have to rely on what the meteorologists say; the data is constantly taken right there at the place that matters most to you, and sent wirelessly from the outdoor sensor unit directly to an easy-to-read digital display inside your home.

With this weather station you get readings for indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall. You can optionally upload that data to Weather Underground, which you can access from your mobile devices to get hyperlocal home weather reports wherever you are.

Get this personal home weather station for $150 on Amazon.