Acorn “Digby Gore” Men’s Slippers

I’m only turning 32 this month, but I’m already getting to the point in our family’s RVing adventures where I sometimes end up puttering around our campsite doing whatever. Gotta pick up all these twigs the trees dropped, they’ll make good firewood tinder at some point. Need to rearrange our camping chairs too, they’re looking a little crooked. Oh, and I should finish that book I’ve been reading, but I’ll have to move between half a dozen places in- and outdoors to find just the right spot (drinking coffee all the while). Maybe I’ll pet someone’s dog as they walk by, who knows.

My normal inclination is to put on my old flip-flops for these sorts of things, but it’s not like I’ve ever really liked wearing them. They’re cheap and easy enough to slip on and off, and that’s about it. Not very comfortable, especially when the mercury dives at night.

That’s why I’m all about the affordable Acorn “Digby” gore mule slippers, which are the runner-up pick of the folks over at The Sweethome:

[Acorn’s slippers] combine comfort, support, and warmth at a reasonable price. They feel good right out of the box and get even better the more you wear them, whether you do so with bare feet or socks. The sizing can be a little hard to figure out at first, and they do run a little warm, but if you need a supportive slipper for a lower price than the Haflingers and want the option of an outdoor sole […] they are a solid pick.

These slippers are sorta like little sleeping bags for your feet — perfect for sitting by the fire, puttering around, making quick trips to the corner store, and so on. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from $32–$56 on Amazon. The women’s “Dara” slippers are in the same general price range.