AccuWeight 255 Mini Digital Pocket Scale

I recently picked up the AccuWeight 255 Mini digital pocket scale for dosing out me and my wife’s espresso shots at home. Our last pocket scale crapped out on us after too much weighing of shots as they were being pulled β€” I guess it was too much heat and moisture for the little thing β€” and I thought I’d try a different model this time around, and also take better care of it so I don’t have to keep doing this πŸ˜…

As I understand it, the 255 Mini was actually designed with jewelry in mind rather than coffee, but I’ve gotta say, we’ve been very happy with it so far. While the old one could only weigh in 0.1g resolution, this one is accurate to two decimal points, which scratches the persnickety part of my nerd brain nicely.

I immediately noticed how sensitive the scale was when our RV shook even the slightest bit from our son jumping around, so I absolutely trust its measurements. I also appreciate that the lid/cover on this model has a slight circular indention to fit onto the scale itself when you use it as a tray, rather than simply laying across the top and potentially sliding off as you pour beans in.

Anyway, for just $14, this little scale is a steal. Highly recommended for your coffee accuracy needs.