8BitDo’s N30 Wireless NES-Style Controllers

The Nintendo Switch Online service has finally launched, and with it comes a growing selection of classic NES titles you can play online via the Nintendo Switch. As such, they’ll be shipping a set of NES-replica controllers you’ll be able to play with…but not until mid-December 2018.

Instead of waiting, give these NES-style controllers by 8BitDo a shot. They’re compatible with the Switch — as long as you’ve got the latest firmware for them — and while they aren’t exact copies of the NES controller design, they’re close enough that you’ll still feel like you’re hopping back in time.

(And, of course, if you still have an old NES controller of your own lying around, you can pick up one of 8BitDo’s more popular Bluetooth modding kits.)

Get this pack of two controllers + carrying cases for $40 on Amazon. (That’s $20 less than what Nintendo’s controller pack is going to cost when it comes out, by the by.)