1Zpresso “J-Ultra” Manual Espresso Grinder

Some months back, the team at 1Zpresso — which, fun fact, I used to pronounce as “one-zee-presso” but is actually “EEE-zee-presso” due to its Mandarin origins — released the J-Ultra manual espresso grinder, which improves on the JX-Pro model in a few ways:


In short, the J-Ultra is lighter, the 48mm stainless steel conical burr now sports a titanium coating for increased durability and grind distribution, and the catch cup has switched from threading on to attaching magnetically:


Most importantly, the adjustment mechanism has moved from being a small top dial @ 12.5 microns per click to a larger external ring @ 8 microns per click. That is a huge deal for espresso lovers, as it grants you an even higher degree of control over your dialing-in process.


Even if you have a “budget” espresso machine to work with, you’ll find the performance of this hand grinder is so high that, once you’ve got your beans dialed in, your shots come out just as tasty as those from a much more expensive setup. It never ceases to impress.

Take your home and travel espresso game to the next level by picking up the 1Zpresso J-Ultra grinder for $199 on Amazon. ☕️✨