1Writer for iOS

1Writer is one of those iOS writing apps that I always thought looked very nice, but it never provided a good enough reason to switch away from something like Editorial or Byword. You’d still have to pry Editorial out of my cold, dead fingers, but the latest update to 1Writer now puts it at least above Byword. It’s now my go-to iPhone text editor.

The update includes:

  • Inline Markdown preview
  • Auto-save
  • Font settings for Markdown preview
  • New fonts and keyboard shortcuts
  • Ability to rename/duplicate files from the file browser
  • TextExpander Touch 2.3.1 support (yes!)
  • “Copy HTML” action
  • Share via Droplr

And as always, the app interface is beautiful and distraction-free, with loads of other awesome features lurking beneath its simple exterior.

$3 on the iOS App Store.