1Password — Easy Password Management

It’s been over a year since we last mentioned 1Password on T&T. Given the recent discovery of the Heartbleed SSL bug that has people all over the internet changing their passwords, now seems a good time to remind everyone why 1Password is awesome.

Rather than memorizing a bunch of different, complicated passwords, most people opt to use a single login for everything. This is a terrible idea, of course—and I speak as someone who used to be guilty of it myself.

With 1Password, you still only have to remember a single password (hence the name), but it’s only used for logging into your 1Password database, not your online accounts. 1Password stores all of your various logins, credit cards, and other personal information behind a secure wall that only your master password can open. It can also generate long passwords of varying complexity based on a “recipe” of your choosing.

On iOS, each login can be opened and auto-submitted within 1Password’s own browser, or you may copy a specific password for use elsewhere. If you go the “copy” route, 1Password can clear the password from your clipboard after a specified length of time for security purposes (between 30 seconds and 5 minutes). The Mac app has a useful Security Audit feature for seeing which of your passwords are duplicates so you can easily change them.

1Password is $18 on the iOS App Store, while the Mac version is $50 for a single license. I recommend getting at least one version and using it to change all your passwords. There’s simply no better way to manage your online security.

UPDATE: 1Password just announced on Twitter that they’re offering a 50% discount across all platforms. Take advantage of it right now.