Lecharl (Sponsor)

Lecharl is a watchmaker brand from Sweden with a vision to create beautiful and elegant timepieces. Use the code ‘shawn10’ to save 10-percent off your order, with free worldwide shipping.

Camera Review

This second generation Full Frame mirrorless camera is an evolutionary step-up from the original Sony α7. Sony rights many of the α7’s wrongs here, while building on the same core features that made it so successful in the first place, creating another winner in the process.

Photo Essay

Visiting Field Notes Brand’s headquarters is a little odd at first, but also a little like what you might imagine the brand’s offices to be like. Located in Chicago’s meatpacking district a couple blocks out from Fulton Market, the largely unmarked building almost convinces you that you’ve got the wrong place. But you don’t. Once buzzed inside and up the three flights…

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